How to Save Money on Your Spring Garden

Posted by The Smart Gardener on Jan 31st 2018

Spring sneaks up on us, and while it may seem that this cold and rainy weather will never cease, the Crocus and Daffodils will be shooting up before you know it. After that, the tulips wow us with their range of colors and hardiness to the weather.  Pretty soon, you will be putting in your veggies and harvesting tomatoes for your spring and summer salads. January and February are the months the avid gardeners begin prepping for their toil.

Discount Garden Items in Monroe, WA

First things first - get your Farmer's Almanac! Know when your prepping and planting are to begin and make a calendar for yourself. Whether you're a veggie-only farmer or appreciate the florals more, there's always a preferred time to put those seeds, starts, or bulbs in the ground. When you spend a good amount time each day in spring and summer in your beloved garden, it's important that it's organized and looks exactly how you want it to. That's where the Bargain Barn comes in, the outlet store in Monroe, WA with excellent garden variety.

The best thing about shopping at big box type outlet store in Monroe, WA is that you'll find something new each visit. With revolving products, you can find a beautiful garden statue one day, and the next week you can get your hands on some excellent decorative fencing. You never know what you'll find! Conveniently located next to The Dollar Store in Monroe and near Sultan, WA, you don't have to drive out of your way to save yourself a ton of money on getting your garden to look exactly how you would like. If you stop by the Bargain Barn Outlet Store first, you will be able to save money on products that are being sold elsewhere for 25% - 75% more.

Garden Products near Sultan, WA

Whether you simply dapple in the garden arts or are a die-hard gardener of all things, saving money is always a priority.  Why buy something for more when you can shop smart and get it for less?  If you're anything like me, you are always hunting for the best bargain.  I always feel better after shopping knowing I got the best deal and purchased something for less than someone else did.  That opportunity is offered to you with every product you find at the Bargain Barn in Monroe.  Come by and let us see how much money we can save you!