Outlet Store in Monroe, WA

Posted by Outlet Store Specialist on Jan 8th 2018

Have you ever thought about what your ideal outlet store experience would involve? For me, I would like a store to have a good variety of products to choose from, including things like home furniture, TVs, computers, gaming systems, pet food, tools, and other items that can take away from my monthly budget.  At an outlet store like Bargain Barn in Monroe, WA, I can buy these types of products and save anywhere from 25% - 75% when compared to major stores.

Bargain Prices in the Sky Valley

Because the essence of an outlet store is to have a good amount of revolving products, you never what you'll find!  It could be an amazing piece of houseware that is nearly 50% off when compared to a big-brand website, or a refurbished tech product that is in perfect working condition.  When you're saving 40% on products from Apple or XBOX, everyone in the family wins.

It's a common misconception that bargain stores have all broken or used items.  The truth is that while some of the items are resold and some are refurbished, a lot of the items you find at this bargain store in Monroe are simply overstock items from large stores throughout Washington state.  Anything put on the shelves is useful, has been thoroughly tested if previously used and comes with the fullest confidence in its ability to give you the most out of every dollar spent.

Outlet Store in Monroe, WA

I find that a visit in the store ever couple of weeks is a great way to see new items and save money on the things I buy each month.  Things like pet food or baby products are a great find here as long as you're willing to be flexible on the brand.  There's nothing quite like saving money on diapers!  It's also the first place I stop when searching for gifts, especially if you're not sure exactly what to get.  Not only will a store like the Bargain Barn give you some inspiration with it's rotating products, but it will also save you a ton of money on that product.

I recommend stopping by the Bargain Barn in Monroe when you're out and about on Highway 2 or down Main Street.  Parking is easy and you can easily see if this is the place for you!  Stay tuned for upcoming information on DIY projects and how save money buy shopping smart and shopping locally.