Shopping Locally in Monroe

Posted by Shop Local Advocate on Jan 15th 2018

You've heard the term plenty of times, and owners of town shops will often encourage you to shop locally.  If you're unsure why this is important, feel free to ask any local shopowner.  They'll tell you that when the stores in Monroe thrive, the town itself thrives.  If prices at the store are a little higher, this can be difficult.  Fortunately, the Bargain Barn is not only run by local folks, but the prices are better than you will find anywhere.

Shop Local Monroe

Out-of-towners like to come to Monroe on the weekend and spend time in the several vintage shops centrally located on Main Street.  As Monroevians, we like to encourage their consumerism by keeping an attractive downtown area and offering delicious coffee, food and better customer service than they'll find in their bigger towns.  If you're like me, than you are proud of your small town and the small town vibe Main Street has to offer (unless you're trying to take a left onto 203...) and shopping locally is how we keep that spirit alive!

Outlet Store in Monroe

When you're searching for an outlet store in Monroe, Bargain Barn is the best way to buy locally and support local business owners.  While on the hunt for a big-box store in Monroe, know that while the store isn't warehouse size, our variety and outlet products are some of the best.  Whether you want to spend $5 on a quality refurbished item or a brand-new outlet item, Bargain Barn can help you with both.

If you're not sure what an outlet store can offer you, read this blog about our outlet store in Monroe.  Saving you money is the whole point when you shop at Bargain Barn.  For those in Sultan, WA or Gold Bar, WA, there is no closer store with this kind of variety and these prices in Monroe, WA.  Like us on Facebook so you can be the first to see new products and sales!