Ekena Millwork BKTM02X12X15TLO 2" W x 12" D x 15" H Loera Wrought Iron Bracket (Triple Center Brace)

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Ekena Millwork 2" W x 12" D x 15" H Loera Wrought Iron Bracket (Triple Center Brace) BKTM02X12X15TLO

Wrought iron brackets provide an alternative to wood brackets and corbels. By using wrought iron, designers can create intricate patterns, not normally possible with wood. Our wrought iron brackets are load-bearing and can be used to support several types of countertops including granite countertops. With over 10 styles available and multiple sizes, you'll be sure to find the perfect bracket for your application.

  • Perfect for countertop, cabinetry and shelf applications
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation
  • Variety of powder coated finishes, rust resistant
  • Heavy duty iron offers durability and sturdy support
  • Authentic reproduction of classic styles
  • Unique and intricate patterns for all décor styles