Strohalmen voor de lezer: een ruime keuze uit de gedichten (Dutch Edition)

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Strohalmen Voor de Lezer: Een Ruime Keuze Uit de Gedichten (Dutch Edition)


Strohalmen for the reader offers an extensive and representative overview of the poetry of Nobel Prize winner Joseph Brodsky. This selection confirms Brodsky's unique position in world literature: a modern poet with a great passion for classical literature and a forced political thinker who praises the power of the written word in many of his expressions. This monumental edition. Finally honors the richness, the emotional expressiveness and the irony of this incomparable poet.

Many of the poems in Strohalmen for the reader first appear in translation. The new translations are by Margriet Berg, Jan Robert Braat, Anneke Brassinga, The Gents Collective of Poetry translators, Arthur Langeveld, Anne Stoffel, Marja Wiebes and Peter Zeeman.
Kees Verheul, slavist, writer and translator, took care of the editing and the composition and provided the whole with annotations and an accountability.